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Curious about timber frame construction? Interested in common terms and techniques? Want to know what can be built? See below for common terms and definitions, and please reach out if you would like more information.


A horizontal timber.


The major load-bearing assembly in timber frame construction. Bents extend through the structure from one end to another and from the base of the foundation to the uppermost point. they are usually built flat and raised into position.

Lap Joint

A commonly used joint in which the ends of two timbers are cut at matching angles and overlapped before being fastened to each other. The wood grain is parallel, making these joints easily concealed.

Mortise and Tenon

A common join in timber framing, consisting of a male end (tenon) cut into the end of one timber that fits into the square-cut female end (mortise) of another timber.


A vertical timber.

Reclaimed Timber

Salvaged timber from older timber frame buildings, suitable for reuse in a new structure. These timbers often have desirable aesthetic qualities.


A length of solid wood used interchangeably for either posts or beams.


A large, wood dowel or peg used as a fastener in timber frame construction.


A combination of horizontal and vertical timbers, arranged in a variety of configurations, that is used to support a roof, an upper floor, or a balcony.