Timber Framing

Create a dramatic and timeless look with Timber Frame homes and structures

Adhering to traditional timber frame methods combined with modern design, Broadaxe Timberworks works personally with each customer to create the highest quality, elegant timber frame structures.  Using multiple species of timber, we build municipal buildings, custom homes, small cabins, poolhouses, decks, entryways, and home additions.

Custom made building, wooden frame
Custom Home design Truss roof

Design & Engineering

We can provide a custom, fully-engineered home.​

We work with homeowners and architects and can provide a custom solution for your dream home. Do you need help you finding the best timber-framing supplies, energy-efficient products, or general contractors? We can assist you in selecting the best resources so that your home is engineered to last a lifetime.

Local Sourcing For Timber

Organic, environmentally aware construction begins with locally-sourced materials.​

Our Certified ISA Arborist and Timber Grader is adept at finding the best local materials for your project. Timber frame construction begins with trees and we have great respect for ecologically-friendly timber harvesting. Douglas Fir is most commonly used and we will work to source trees as close to your project as possible. Imagine your dream home built from trees that stood on your property!

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North Carolina addition

Consulting Services

We are happy to assist your team!​

Constructing a timber frame home that will last a lifetime and beyond takes a skilled group of craftsmen. We can assist you with design, engineering, sourcing, and pricing. Let our experts help you build the home of your dreams.

Get in touch - we are open for new projects!

We’d love to work with you on your dream Timber Frame project. Let us know how we can help!