Discover the difference in old-world craftsmanship. Build a home to last you centuries.

Imagine your dream home with timbers hand-cut to join perfectly, no nails or metal fittings needed. A home so strong and substantial that you aren’t limited to traditional interior layouts. A home that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. A home where artistry and skill meet to create a structure that will last for generations.

Timber frame Construction is our passion and we can make your dream a reality.

What Makes Us Unique


With over 20 years experience, quality and attention to detail is our specialty.

Hand Cut Joinery

Every piece of wood is cut and assembled by hand, resulting in a home that is built to the highest quality.

Environmentally Friendly

Ecologically sound tree harvesting respects the environment and secure construction leads to natural energy efficiency.


We can work with your team to provide design and engineering services.

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Artistry. Tradition. Craftsmanship.

Timber frame construction isn’t my job, it is my lifelong passion. I care deeply about your project and look forward to working with you.

Jeremy Ford

Owner & Master Craftsman